Same day and walk-in healthcare clinic in Ketchikan, conveniently located downtown.

Our Clinic team at Creekside Family Health Clinic provides professional, personal service for the whole family from ages 2 to 65. Our walk-in, same day service covers:

  • treatment of minor injuries and illnesses;
  • routine and primary health care;
  • general wellness;
  • physicals and annual examinations;
  • women’s wellness;
  • prescriptions;
  • immunizations;
  • and walk-in lab tests.

Complete List of Medical Services + Fees

Our Team

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  • Photo of Lani Hill

    Lani Hill, FNP-BC
    Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Photo of Karl Richey

    Karl Richey, MD
    Outpatient Physician

  • Shawna Strouth-Shaw, FNP-C
    Family Nurse Practitioner

  • Photo of Jane Bolima

    Jane Bolima, NCMA
    Certified Medical Assistant

  • Photo of Sarrah Mier

    Sarrah Mier
    Medical Assistant

  • Photo of Lisa Shaw

    Lisa Shaw
    Medical Assistant

      Our Mission:

      • Personal

        We are committed to personally knowing our patients, their stories, and the unique needs of their families.

      • Patient Driven

        Our care respects our patients’ individual preferences, needs, and values and makes sure that patients’ values help guide clinical decisions.

      • Convenient + Accessible

        Patients get care when and how they need it. Extended hours allow for same day appointments.

      • Transparent

        We make sure patients understand their medical treatment and what it costs in advance.

      • Comprehensive

        We schedule longer appointments which allow medical providers and patients enough time to discuss health care needs and develop comprehensive health care and treatment plans.

      • Coordinated

        We manage patients’ health care services outside the clinic including referrals and treatment by specialists and other providers.

      • Efficient

        Electronic prescriptions and medical records improve access to information and care.

      • Research Based

        Medical staff regularly examine current best practices and research.

      Nurse Practitioners

      A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse (RN) who has also completed a masters degree in nursing science and specialty training in a specific area such as family practice, pediatrics, or midwifery. In addition to educational requirements, nurse practitioners are required to pass national board certification in their area of specialty.

      Licensed as both nurse practitioners and registered nurses, Family Practice nurse practitioners often provide a range of routine health care to all age groups for immediate (acute) and chronic (long-term) health needs.

      Nurse Practitioners can work closely with doctors to provide individualized care for their patients. Nurse Practitioners are licensed in all 50 states, and can dispense most medications. Although doctors have additional training to help patients deal with complex medical problems, it is widely believed that Nurse Practitioners spend more time with their patients. Their training emphasizes disease prevention, reduction of health risks, and thorough patient education. Like doctors, Nurse Practitioners are involved in more than just direct patient care. Many participate in education, research, and legislative activities to improve the quality of health care in the United States.

      Learn more about Licensed Nurse Practitioners.